May 15, 2008

"Grand" Baby Love
I’ve never even held you
Or seen your precious face
But in my heart you hold
A most important place.

I’ve never kissed your sweet soft cheeks
Or sung a lullaby
While rocking you quietly in the chair
So you will not cry.

I haven’t held your tiny hands
Or counted your little toes
Nor smelled your sweet baby breath
And kissed you on the nose.

I haven’t looked into your eyes
Their color I haven’t a clue
I wonder if they’ll be big and bright
Brown, or green, or blue.

I also sometimes wonder
If you’ll have hair upon your head
And the color it will be
Either blonde, brown, black, or red.

Will your hair be curly
Or straight as straight can be
You might not even have any hair
I’ll have to wait and see!

I don’t know who you’ll look like
Among all our family
Maybe your Mom, or maybe your Dad
Or maybe even ME!

Over these months I’ll be dreaming
About your arrival day
The first time I hold you in my arms
What I’ll do and what I’ll say.

One thing is for certain
When I see you face to face
The love that I will feel for you
Can never be replaced.

Because I am your grandmother
And you, my little one
Are the precious little child
Of my precious grown-up son.
Love always, Nana :o)
Written by: Susan P.


Donna Kay said...

What a beautiful poem - I just sent it to Brandi's mother-in-law and told her this was just for her!!
Thank you....

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My second oldest grandchild turns five today (his sister is only six!). I can't believe five years have gone by since he was born.

Time goes so fast. Before you know it, this tiny bundle will be here.

Deb said...

I know how excited you are, Susan, since I just found out this Mother's Day weekend that I'd become a granny in January! I loved your poem.

Storybook Woods said...

This is just beautiful. You will be the best and sweetest Grandma ever. Love Clarice

LBP said...

Okay, I need to borrow one of those hankies from the post below! What a beautiful poem.



Honest to Ya~Ya said...

This is just beautiful! May your grandchild inherit your writing skills!☺

Kelli said...

What a lovely poem and a wonderful picture of your grandbaby!

Mindy said...

What a blessing! It is wonderful being a grandmother...and what a loving one you will be my friend.
Hugs and much love,

Sharon said...

What a special poem for a sweet little "someone to be". Bless you both!!

Abounding Treasures said...


What a beautiful poem and an amazing picture of your grandchild :o)

I can relate because we are expecting our 2nd grandchild this October!

Thanks for sharing your heart :o)

Sharon Kay said...

A beautiful poem for a lovely baby-to-be from a happy Nana to be. Have a good weekend.

Adrienne said...

Thank you for sharing this poem from your heart. It's beautiful. You are talented. ~Adrienne~

Mrs. U said...

This is SOOOOO sweet!!! You should (and I'm serious about this) find out about submitting this to a card company. This would be FABULOUS on a greeting card!

Mrs. U

A Pretty Home said...

aww, sweet :)