April 22, 2008

"Name The Grandmother" Contest
First of all, I want to thank y'all from the bottom of my heart for all the love you have shown over my grandbaby news! All that baby talk got me to thinking about what I would want to be called once the baby arrives. I know there are about as many grandmother names out there as there are grandmothers (lol) and I would love to hear them all!! I'm needing some good ideas and y'all are without a doubt the best source I know! Ashley's Mom has already come up with a great one, I think. Her name is Janet and she wants to be called "Janny" I love it! So, if you would kindly put in the comment section your ideas for names, when I get back from Kentucky I will randomly draw not just one winner, but THREE!! I can't wait to see all your names ~ I don't have computer access in Ky so I will have a big surprise to look forward to when I get home:o)
Each winner will receive ONE of these books. They are all exceptional and I know they will bless y'all like they did me. The first name I pick will get their first choice, second gets second, and third gets which one is left! lol You don't have to give me your choice now, wait until I pick the winners:o) Good luck everybody!!
The titles are:
Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God
Homespun Gifts From The Heart
A Life That Says Welcome
Don't worry ~ if you don't win this one we will have a "Name the Grandfather" contest, too!!


Rhonda in OK said...

My MIL is known as "Granny"

My mother wanted to be called Grandma but her first grandchild shortened her name, Rowena, to "Roro" and now she is Roro to everybody.

My Aunt Ann has her grandchildren call her "Honey"

So many people seem to call their grandmothers "Mamaw" but I never cared for that.

How wonderful for you and your family to be expecting this new little one!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife said...

I sort of had that dilemma when Corin was expecting her first, too. You know what? I settled on plain old Grandma and I LOVE it. There's nothing sweeter than hearing a sweet little one saying, "Gwandma" and knowing it's meant for you.

Fun contest!

Susan said...

I've been "Grannie" for a about a year. But if you wanted to be more modern, you could spell it "Granni". Congratulations.

Mrs. C said...

Grandmommie...my favorite. :)

Deb said...

Susan ~ how about "Su-Su" to go along with your name although it's not your typical Granny title. It's similar to the first commenter who said her mother ended up being called "Roro."

picketfencemom said...

I think you look like a Grammy...and didn't you call your own grandmother that or maybe I'm thinking of something else??? My mama (Betty at Country-Charm) is 'Mam' to all our crew, and Chad's mom is 'Gangy' (thanks to the oldest grandchild who couldn't say Granny!). LOL But nope...I definitely think you look like a sweet Grammy! :o)
Amy O.

thehomespunheart said...

My Mom is Grammie - we love it!

But, growing up - my favorite was my great-grandma Memee. Her first name was Emily and our Emily is named after her. Do you know what Rachel calls her sister?!?!?! Yes, Memee! I love it and she came up with it on her own!

Senkyoshi said...

I like plain ole "Grandma." My one grandmother was called Grandma with her after. Ex. Grandma Susie

D'Rae said...

How fun! You could always use Gran.

Sharon said...

Susan, I always called my Grandparents Grandma or Grandpa and then their last name.

When I become a Grandma, I am hoping to be called "Nana". To me it seems like it's close to Mama and seems more intimate or more dear than Grandma Doe.

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

I like Grammi. That is what my mom is called.

Her mom was called Mom by all.

My great-gradmothers were Granny and Grandmother.

By the way... congratulations!

Dorothy said...

When my 4 year old grandson says "Gramma Dot will you play with me?" How can I refuse? I asked to be called that. It's easy to say and sounds so nice. How about Gramma Sue as in "Gramma Sue will you play with me?".

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Ooh, I've been wanting "A Life that Says Welcome"!

We decided upon Grammie (Grammy) when my daughter was pregnant. That's what Emilie Barnes grandkids called her and I've seen her spell it both ways. They call my husband Granddad.

My own mom was Mamaw and that is what a couple of my sisters are called (she was from Kentucky!). I couldn't do it because it would bring tears everytime I heard it.

NHizName said...

Susan...I am Mamaw to my grands, but I called both sets of my grandparents " Mommie" and "Poppie".My maternal grandmother didn't want to be called mamaw or grandma, so she came up with the
"Mommie" for herself And "Poppie" for my grandfather. My brother and I were the first 2 grands on both sides and were the only grands to call them by these names.
Congrats on being a grandparent....there's nothing like it in this world! If I had known my grands were going to be so special I would have had them first! LOL!


Anonymous said...

My Mom was Gramma and my MIL is Nana or Nani (pronounced Nonnie)! Congratulations on becoming a grandmother---what a blessing!


Anonymous said...

My granddaughter has always called me "Mimi", I don't know why but it has stuck and now I love it. I have heard it elsewhere but not often. Oh how I love being a "mimi!Paula/amishwoman 49@hotmail

Jodi said...

What a fun thing to consider! My favorite grandmother names:


All of these names are closely associated with ladies that I love(d) deeply and who deeply love(d) me.

Anonymous said...

I am Granma to one grandchild and Nanny-Jane to another, you just go along with their parents !!!

I think Nanny-Sue would be lovely and easy to say, I think it would be very appealling.

I have afriend called Mary and she is Grandmary which is think is the BEST ; )

arlene said...

I am Nana but my husband called his grandmother, Granna...I think that is so nice.My own mother is called Amma by the youngest grandchild that came along...she was just Grandma Margie to my own children.

Happy Dog House said...

WordPress and Blogger must be having a tif because numerous attempts to post a comment with my WordPress ID have failed today. This is actually from http://fireflynights.wordpress.com/

I have a copy of A Life That Says Welcome and it's a very good book. I hope your winner of this one enjoys it.

I don't understand why there is this new trend to call grandmothers things like Honey or Janny or Su-Su or Roro rather than one of the many names that actually have granmotherly associations. I guess it just goes along with the trend for children to call their parents' adult friends by their first names, but I still think they should be "Aunt" and "Uncle" or Mr. and Mrs. and a grandmother's name should reflect the fact that she is a grandmother.

Ruthie said...

I'm a new visitor to your blog. I've enjoyed it. Congratulations on the new adventure you're about to enjoy.
It's been my experience that the grandbabies kinda find their own special name for you. I have a special grown granddaughter who told me, "I just would like to call you 'Gram' " and that's what I love to be called by her. :)

Donna said...

Susan - I'm about to be a granny soon and I have picked Nonnie - my name is Donna Kay and I really wanted Nonna-K - but I used it on a child in the family and he ended up calling me Nonnie and I liked it.
How about Sussie - not Susie - I'm trying to think of something that rhymes with it - Tussie - that's it. to go along with Susan. Sussie - the more I say it the more I like it!!

Carolyne said...

Congratulations dear Susan!!
I just became "Grammie" for the very first time a few months ago and we are to have another one come to our family in June. What a wonderful privilege.
"Gammie" and "Gamma" and "Nana" have all been special names for Grandmas in our family, but I'm sure the little ones will create their own names as they learn to talk!

Kelli said...

Congratulations on the exciting baby news, Susan! I'm very happy for your whole family!
I have the best "Nana" in the whole world so I have a soft spot for that Grandma name. :0)

picketfencemom said...

I'm back again. I was lying in bed last night thinking about this thing (LOL), and even though I still think you look like a Grammy...I had a silly thought. Playing on the 'P' in your last name, you could be 'Pippi' and
Mr. P could be 'Poppy'! LOL How's that for a handle??? Pippi and Poppy!
I just couldn't resist! :o)
Hope you had a good trip!

Lynette said...

I love Granny, that is what all the grankids call my mom and she was a young granny with her first few. My husband calls his grandma Grams, I like that too. Good luck.

Mrs. Pharris said...

My mother actually goes by Grandma, but DS has now dubbed her "Grannie-Ma". She loves it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I like Nanny. That's what the grankids call my mom. Mine were Grandma and Granny! I like Nanny the best! monk5@charter.net

Sharon Kay said...

Hi, My grandchildren call me gram. and sometimes grannny and of course I answer to both. and I do like the pink shoes. Have a good visit with your sisters and remember all the happy memories.

Anonymous said...

If you wanted to sound southern, have the baby call you "ma." But you know, the child may come up with his own name for you no matter what you decide. Congratulations!


Mrs. U said...

Hi Susan!!!
What a fun contest!! Of course, my suggestion has already been mentioned- Grammy. My mom goes by Grammy with the younger grandchildren and the older ones have shortened it to "Gram". :)

I can't wait to hear which one it'll be!

Mrs. U

Hattie said...

I love your blog. This is my first time to post on it.
My grandchildren call me Mee-Maw. And I'm just as pleased as can be about that!

Mimi said...

I love the following names for grandma's

Gram Gram

My first grandchildren called me Grammie...then when the third came along he could not say grammie so he shortened it to Mimi...now I hear my self called by both "Grammie and Mimi"
and both are music to my ears!!!

Congratulations on the wonderful news of reaching the very best position in life!!