March 06, 2008

Got Milk?
I just got back from my weekly grocery run and I am not kidding when I say I'm dancing a jig!! If your area is like mine then you, too, are suffering from "sticker shock" at the check out line. I am trying my best to save where I can so that means clipping a lot of coupons and looking at the weekly specials and planning my meals accordingly. The grocery store that I usually shop at has been having this special that when you buy a gallon of their store brand milk you get one of these:

After you save up six milk tickets you get a gallon of milk for free! Today I happily handed them my six free milk tickets and brought home a free gallon of milk! YAY! Somehow I think that glass of milk is going to taste even better today:o)
BTW:I live in Virginia and a store brand gallon of milk runs me $4.49 and a dozen large eggs costs $1.99 (ugh). A gallon of plain unleaded gas is up to $3.09. (Because of this I try to get all my errands done in one day.) I thought it would be interesting to hear from y'all about what your prices are like in your area and also what you are doing to keep up with the ever increasing prices.


Karen said...

I buy our milk when it goes on sale for 2 for $5. But it's only a 1/2 gallon. We don't drink a whole gallon up anymore.
Gas is up to 3.15 and eggs are 2.18. Depressing.
And yes, we do have the same ribbon. I found mine on clearance last year at Hobby Lobby. Do you have one of those stores near you? They are great for after season sales! I love your decorations (and the ribbon) ;o)
Have a wonderful week-end,Susan!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Our gas is up around $3.19 a gallon. Otherwise, my prices are about the same as yours.

I started buying organic eggs at Target since they are only 50 cents more than the store brand at my local grocery store now.

Storybook Woods said...

I wish my grocery store does that. Actully I buy organic milk at Costco, but would love to see bargins like this around here. Love Clarice

Randi Jo :) said...

I am in N.C. and we have been using the same tickets! Can you believe we drink so much milk that I have gotten THREE free milks already!?!?! I never knew we drank so much milk! :)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

In western NY our unleaded gas is 3.59 per gallon, our milk is between $3-4 per gallon and eggs are about $2 per dozen. It is outrageous!!

Kelli said...

Gotta love coupons like that! Here in Texas our gas is $3.01 a gallon, but they say it will be up to $4.00 by the summer. I get organic milk and it costs anywhere from $5.50-$6.00 a gallon. Yikes! We probably go through two each week.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Our gallon of milk in Michigan was on sale at Walmart for 2/$5. Gas is $3.15+ and eggs are outrageous too $2.49/doz. I've been cutting the food budget to the bone because of the prices of gasoline, home heating costs, our water bill is going up, electric. . . the only place where it's possible to cut is the food budget.



Mimi said...

our milk is up to $3.79/gal. Gas is $3.20..but we only drink a gal of milk and the car takes 20 + gallons...:0)
I love what you are doing in your house...It is so clever and looks beautiful...

Mrs. C said...

Here in GA it's $3.19 for gas, $3.99 for a gallon of milk, and around $2.19 for eggs.

I drive a Suburban, so if it's costing me $100 to fill up my tank if it's empty.

I've been having to cut the food budget. With four young kids and a hearty eating husband, that's a tough job. I scour the weekly store ads to find the best deals.

Anne F. said...

Well up here were I live milk is $3.50 or higher a gallon, eggs are $2.39 a dozen and gas well lets see I checked it two days ago and it was $3.20 a gallon not sure what it is today.

I try to get my milk at the local Speedway Gas as it is 2 for $6 that is the only way to go for us here as we use about a gallon every day or so. Yep it is a shock when you go shopping anymore.

Marva said...

I love your blog!

We are in north Alabama. Milk is $5.19 a gallon for name brand and $4.59 a gallon for generic (both at Wal-Mart). Our CVS sells Name brand for $4.29 a gallon.
We go through 5 gallons a week!

Gas is $3.19 and eggs are $1.86 a dz. at Wal-Mart, $2.59 at the local Piggly Wiggly.


Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Last I shopped, two weeks ago today, the milk at Costco was about $4/gallon. Gas is approaching $3.60/gallon here and that's for the cheap stuff. Eggs.....I am very happy to say that eggs are free for the collecting as my hens are laying once again. However, the price of their feed has gone up again, but the cost is still far less than $1/dozen

NHizName said...

Wal Mart Brand milk was 3.45 here today...gas is 3.20 at most stations...I noticed Sam's had it for 3.10 for members. Eggs are anywhwere from 1.99-2.18.
Like you, I am trying to be conservative....make every trip into town count, and use coupons as much as I can. Only buying what we need...cutting out almost all frivolties (sp)
Our home heating gas bill was $210.00 last month...up from the same time last year$180.00 last year!

Sharon Kay said...

Hi Susan, I know what you mean, we are in Fl. right now and every thing is priced so hi. I found something that remeided me of you while out shopping and I would like to send to you. I have your address at home but not with me so please send me your address. You will find a special treasure in your mailbox soon. Hugs and jellybean wishes....Sharon K

G.L.H. said...

Here in Indiana, gas went from $3.08 last week to $3.29, now creeping down about a penny a day. I can usually find store-brand milk (a different store every week, tho!) for $2.50 a gallon, otherwise Wal-mart for $2.69. Eggs "on sale" $1.69 dozen.

I would say that it is "fun" reading about prices around the country, but, well...These prices aren't FUN!

Anonymous said...

I about had the 'big one' when I saw my heating bill! I now turn it down to 50* at night, keep it at 65* in the daytime and wear a sweater.
I quit buying milk; I buy the dry stuff, since I only use it in my coffee and to make yoghurt.
Maybe you should buy a cow!

Fenrisar said...
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Pam said...

I'm located in Western Mid-Tennessee, and milk is around 3.45 and gas just went to 3.20 a gallon. Yikes!