December 13, 2007

This and That
Here are just a few more scenes from home!
Fireplace is all "dressed up" for Christmas!

Gingerbread house being made by Miss Bonnie.
Candles are burning everywhere!

Hot cocoa being consumed (lots of it;o)

Bailey taking a nap with Santa!
A few last touches being added here and there.
I'm sure that scenes like these are taking place in your homes, too!! What a wonderful, magical time of year!


Kelli said...

I love this time of year! The scenes from your home are very peaceful and Miss Bonnie's Gingerbread house is very cute!

Mrs. C said...

I'm a big Yankee Candle girl, and I haven't tried Hollyberry yet. Sounds delightful! :)
Mrs. C

Michelle said...

Your house looks quite festive and lovely, Susan - wish we lived closer...I'd come over for a visit! LOL

Enjoy your weekend!

Storybook Woods said...

So pretty, I love your red and white plate. Love Clrice

Mindy said...

Greetings!! Hope this finds you well and enjoying the blessed Christmas season. I have enjoyed reading your beautiful posts and viewing your wonderful pictures of Christmas in your lovely home!! Blessings to you sweet Susan!!