October 17, 2007

Jury Duty
I just wanted to jump on here for a second and let y'all know why I haven't been around. I was selected for jury duty on Monday and have been sitting in the jury box ever since, it seems. It is going to be at least a two week trial and it is located in Richmond so I have to leave at the crack of dawn and get home after dark. Oh my goodness, am I tired........... I tell y'all one thing, I can't even describe how much I appreciate my home and family when I pull into the driveway at the end of a day. Okay, I feel an idea for a post when I return! LOL

I also want to convey my deepest gratitude for all of your wonderful words of love and comfort to Miss Bonnie. She and I were both completely overwhelmed by the amazing outpouring of love and concern that y'all showed to her. Although we all live hundreds, even thousands miles apart, I feel such a special kinship with my you, my wonderful blogging friends. Miss Bonnie is still hurting, but I know for a fact that she has gone over and reread what you said to her and it has brought her great comfort. For that, I am eternally grateful to each of you.

Much love,
Susan P.


Mrs. C said...

Oh, what fun (not really)!

I'm glad you checked in with us. Drive safely!

Mrs. C

Storybook Woods said...

(((Susan))) I am sorry but thank you for doing your duty. Hang in there. Love Clarice

Jodi said...

Susan ~ Praying for your safety on the roads and for the Lord to help you in your jury service. I know it must not be pleasant to have to listen to the details of dispute or crime in court each day. May the Lord refresh you at the end of each day's hearing.

Adrienne said...

Susan -
I am praying for you. I recently finished 4 days on the jury of a trial. It was only 9 miles from home but it was very tiring. I am praying for safety on the roads and strength from the weariness of listening to the attorneys and witnesses each day. Yes, enjoy every moment in your home. Thank you for 'doing your duty'!

Prayers continue for Miss Bonnie.


Karen said...

Ug. I know it's our duty, but I don't like it one bit. I had jury duty 11 years ago during the time I was nursing Alaina. That was fun.
Be safe!

Julieann said...

OHH, I always wanted to do jury duty--I can not wait to hear all about it.

As for Miss Bonnie, I am so sorry!!! I remember my first love, and thought, it would hurt forever, now when I think of him, I have sweet memories and smiles!((Gentle hugs for her))


Anonymous said...

I did jury duty a few years ago. I was dreading it before I got there, but found once I had a case it was actually kind of neat and interesting. An amazing learning experience! The judge did everything he could to accomodate us and make us comfortable, which I think helped a lot. The people I served with were also a lot of fun.

Still, I can appreciate where it could be a real drag. :( I hope it proves rewarding for you in the end!


Mindy said...

Hi Susan,
Bring a good book and a couple of inspiring magazines, if you can...thank you for your service!!!
Blessings dear friend...xo

Mimi said...

I am praying for your safety as you drive to Jury Duty each day...
then have to sit and listen to the stories of both sides in order to come to the right conclusion.
just remember you are doing your civic duty and helping the wheels of justice to turn