September 27, 2007

Scarecrow Smiles

Y'all know how much I love to decorate for the seasons and one of my very favorite things to bring out in the Fall are scarecrows! There is just something about them that makes me smile. Here are just a few of my favorites. . . . .
Greeting family and friends on our front porch
Standing "guard" by the fireplace in our den. I don't know if we will ever have a fire going because it continues to be in the nineties in Virginia!!
Ready to have a nice little "chat" with visitors on our back porch!
Do you love scarecrows, too?


Mrs. U said...

Susan, your decorations always make it look SO pretty, festive and HAPPY in and around your home!!!!

Mrs. U

Michelle said...

Very pretty, Susan! I can almost "smell" fall! LOL You know - the leaves, straw, the crispness of the air...I LOVE it!

LBP said...


Your decorations are beautiful as always! I love scarecrows!


Karen said...

I know! It's still hot here too, and my fall-loving self is not very happy about it, either! Cool weather, fires burning in the fireplace, stews, soups, etc. are just a few things I'm looking so forward to.
Your decorations are very pretty as always, Susan! Very welcoming.

Catherine said...

I love scarecrows! I love fall and everything that goes with it. Yours are so beautiful.

Mrs. C said...

You do such a wonderful job making your home look so inviting. :)
Mrs. C

Anonymous said...

Very lovely

Julian said...

I have a cute idea to share on how to make candy scarecrows. I saw it on a google search. First, take a small box of raisins. Then, you hot glue a caramel on it.(still in the wrapper.)
Next, on the sides of the box, you hot glue 2 small tootsie rolls for arms. Next, you hot glue 2 smarties on the bottom of the raisin box for legs. Lastly to finish it up, get raffia, and tie around arms, legs, and a bow at the neck. It is just way too cute! Im making these for our family harvest party, and the school party. Happy Scarecrow making!Christina in Texas

Susan P. said...

Christina, that is such an AWESOME IDEA!! Thank you so much for sharing that with us ~ I'm sure a lot of us will be going to the store to buy the supplies this weekend! What fun!!