July 24, 2007

Yummy Ice Cream Cake
Miss Bonnie's Birthday!
It's hard for me to believe, but my baby girl is now twenty one years old!! Where, oh where does the time go??!! Since Miss Bonnie was born in the middle of July conditions are usually not the best for heating up the kitchen to bake a birthday cake. Every year we try some new, creative, yummy treat to celebrate her special day with and this year we came up with what is going down as our all time favorite!! If you love the Baskin Robbin's ice cream cakes then listen up, you will LOVE this recipe!! It is soooo easy and is absolutely scrumptious and oh, so refreshing, on a hot summer day! All you need is ice cream sandwiches, hot fudge sauce in the jar, cool whip, and a candy bar or two of your choice. Do I have y'all's attention yet? Lol Just put a layer of the ice cream sandwiches on the bottom of a pan, cover with half jar of the fudge sauce, half container of large container of frozen cool whip and then repeat the process. Top with shaved candy bar and freeze several hours. If you decide you would like to make this then go here to find the complete recipe and I recommend reading the reviews because they had some very good ideas for different toppings, flavors, etc... Enjoy!
For those of you who are wondering, I enjoyed EVERY BITE of this cake ~ forget the yogurt;o)

Beautiful birthday roses from Miss Bonnie's special friend!


Cathy said...

That does look like a very yummy birthday cake. Happy Birthday to you, Dear Miss Bonnie, and your flowers are just lovely.

Mrs. C said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Bonnie!

The cake looks delicious, and the flowers are beautiful.

Storybook Woods said...

Happy 21st birthday Miss. Bonnie. Yeah for July babies but yes it is not always a fun time for a birthday. I hope it is full of love and presents xoxoxo Clarice

Lallee said...

Oh dear. This blog reading is so dangerous with so many good recipes. I printed this one out and will definitely try it. I'll write some of the extra ideas on it. I love allrecipes.com. I can always find something good there, and the reviews are so helpful.

Happy birthday to Bonnie!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Bonnie!!
You had me at hot fudge sauce. I could sit and eat that stuff with a spoon. Not that I would, of course. ;0P
The "cake" looks so delicious. Alaina's birthday is September 15th and we'll be celebrating that and Jason coming home, at the beach. I will have to make this!
The roses are just beautiful, too.

I also wanted to thank you for your very sweet words on my last post. I think we are kindred spirits, too. You have such a sweet, giving heart and I'm always excited to see a comment from you.

Blessings, love and hugs,

Tracy said...

Sounds yummy! Happy Birthday to Miss Bonnie!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Bonnie! Lovely roses.

Oh my, Susan, that is indeed a heart-stopping recipe! Yummo! ;o)

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs - Kim said...

Just wanted to wish your sweet daughter a very Happy Birthday!

Kelli said...

Oh, I'm listening all right! This is my kind of birthday cake! YUM!!
Happy 21st Birthday to Miss Bonnie!! Such beautiful roses from her special friend. :0)


Mississippi Girl said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Bonnie!! My younger brother's birthday is today, too! That cake looks DIVINE!! Great job!
Jennifer R.

thehomespunheart said...

Happy Birthday Miss Bonnie!

That cake looks scrumptious! :)

Penless Thoughts said...

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing with us.