July 03, 2007

Plate Collection

I love to collect vintage plates, especially ones by the Royal Copenhagen Co.The plates are very special to me because I am of Danish heritage ~ my Grammy's family all came over from Denmark. Each year the company comes out with a Mothers Day plate or Mors Dag in Danish. My very favorite one is the first one pictured below because I can remember it hanging on my Grammy's wall in home. I only collect the plates that really "speak" to me by their pictures.

The plate that started my collection! My favorite!

Y'all know how much I love my kitties and I just had to have the plate with the family singing around the piano at Christmas time because that is what we do each Christmas Eve!

So cute!

In the middle you see another Royal Copenhagen plate. On either side of it are my great aunts flow blue soup plates. I just love the brilliant blue color and they are perfect with my yellow walls! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my plate collection!


Kelli said...

Your plates are beautiful, Susan! My favorite is the mother tucking in the child too..so sweet!

Lallee said...

Susan, I am from Danish heritage, too! My great grandfather came over in the late 1800's at the age of 18. I inherited three of the Christmas Danish collector plates from my parents. They hang in my kitchen. I have a set of the Royal Copenhagen china that I also inherited. It is all so special to me. I went to Denmark in 1969 with my father and sister and was able to meet some of our relatives still there. It was so special. Love your kitty plate ;-)

Jodi said...

Gorgeous! My mother collects plates (not these particular ones, though). I think they add such a coziness to the decor of a home.

Adrienne said...

Your plates are so pretty. I love the blue plates and have always admired the Mother's Day and Christmas plates. And I love blue and yellow together.

Charity Grace said...

Oh, these are so pretty!