July 31, 2007

A Monday Morning Ritual
I thought I would share with you something that I do faithfully every Monday morning around our Home Place. Monday is laundry day ~ the laundry room is right next to our kitchen so while the laundry is happily washing away I like to go in my kitchen and do a little "sprucing" up. I head on over to the kitchen sink and that's where the "magic" happens! I take my favorite Mrs.
Meyer's Lavender detergent
and add it to a sink full of hot water. The aroma that fills my kitchen is absolutely lovely and it provides me with wonderful sudsy water in which to clean.
I take my cleaning rag and then proceed to wipe down the counters, appliances, etc. in my kitchen. Before I know it my kitchen is spic and span and the whole downstairs smells wonderful, too!
Edited To Add: Several of you have asked me about where to find Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products ~ if you go here and type in your zip code it will list stores in your area that carry them! If there isn't one close by you can always order them online. They are a bit more expensive than regular cleaning products, but in my opinion very well worth the money;o) And no, I am NOT a spokeswoman for the company, I just happen to love the products!! LOL


Storybook Woods said...

I did my laundry yesterday too. I use Mrs. Meyers lavender in the kitchen and rose in the bathroom. xoxox Clarice

Adrienne said...

I have got to get some and enjoy the wonderful scents you smell while working in your home. ~Adrienne~

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

I do a smaller version of the same thing here every morning.....hot soapy water (Dr. Bronner's castille soap), scented with some essential lavender oil, and cleaning the counters, etc. around my kitchen. LOVE the scent of lavender in my home!

picketfencemom said...

I love Mrs. Meyer's too. I have especially enjoyed my honeysuckle scent and I just received my geranium scent. Next I will get lavender! I do have the lavender toilet bowl cleaner, and I love it!
Splurging on good smelling 'cleaning supplies' is just one way to make homemaking even better!

Candy said...

I can almost smell the scent of the lavender right now :)


Kelli said...

What a great way to freshen up your kitchen each morning, Susan! I just bought some Geranium scented Mrs. Meyers products and I'm loving them...especially the counter spray. It makes my whole house smell nice!

Mindy said...

This stuff smells so good! Makes doing the cleaning so much more fun!

Julieann said...

OOOOHHHH, I love it!!!!!


Lindy said...

I've just discovered your blog, and it is quite lovely. I will definitely visit often! Your pics and posts are delightful. And your home looks so comfortable and homey!

Mrs. Meyers should make you a spokesperson. I am definitely going to get some of their cleaning supplies! hehe

Lindy :)

Carol said...

Where can you buy Mrs. Meyers products?
Thank you!

Karen said...

So do I! I have been using these products for a couple of months now, and it is worth every cent! I have been able to find the dish soap and surface scrub on sale 1/2 price at our local Whole Foods market a couple of times. That always helps!

Jackie said...

I found Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products at Lowe's Foods here in North Carolina. Some of them have a $1 off coupon attached to them which makes them even more appealing! I am stocking up.

Elizabeth said...

I find Mrs. Meyer's at our neighborhood Wal-Mart grocery store here in Tennessee. The store is an experiment by Wal-Mart. They sell only groceries and a few other items. I haven't checked our regular wal-mart to see if they have Mrs. Meyer's, but I will.