May 24, 2007

Getting Ready For Memorial Day!

My favorite thing? Against a backdrop of bright blue sky, old glory blowing in the breeze!


Mindy said...

Your Memorial Day vignettes are lovely! I plan on getting outside today on the back porch and sprucing things up a bit....Enjoy your day my friend!

Karen said...

It makes me want to get busy with my decorating, too! So pretty!
I'd join you for that sandwich, too. It looks wonderful, and I can't wait to get some fresh tomatoes in.
I would also love to join you on your pretty, restful porch. ;0)

Storybook Woods said...

Just charming and patriotic. Thank you for sharing with us. Love Clarice

Kelli said...

Your Memorial Day decorations are wonderful, Susan! It's getting hot here in Texas and I was thinking about digging out the summertime decorations. :0)

Tracy said...

I love how you have decorated for the holiday!

Christie Belle said...

I love all of your decorations! I think besides Christmas, these are my favorite decorations to see. This time of year just brings out my sense of pride even more, as well as reminding me of all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. They are beautiful decorations, I am wanting to go to Hobby Lobby and pick some up while they are on sale:)

P.S. I got your very thoughtful package yesterday!!! I love everything in it!!! Thank you so much. I've already read the whole book;o) Now my mom is borrowing it to read!

Candy said...

We just celebrated Victoria Day here in Canada!
I love seeing your beautiful red, white and blue flag flying!
God Bless and America (and y'all dont forget that Canada is America too!!! -- as in "NORTH AMERICA" (we get hurt feelings sometimes because nobody remembers that hahaa)