April 02, 2007

It's All In The Attitude
When Monday morning rolls around if you are like me you have a list of "to do's" a mile long. Now, on that list are things that you really take joy in doing. Also on that list are things that you really don't "love" to do but you don't mind doing them. And then, there are a few things on that list that you absolutely dislike doing and would much rather go to the dentist for a root canal than partake of that particular chore. LOL Now granted, I'm exaggerating a little there, okay, a lot, but you get the idea!
Okay, it is true confession time for me. The chore that I absolutely and utterly dislike to do is to scrub floors. I'd rather be using a toilet brush any day! I have been known to take wet Bounty paper towels and put them under my feet and do the "clean floor boogie" across the floor;) Something tells me my floors don't really get clean this way. I don't really know what is it that makes me dislike it so, I just know that I do. Consequently, that chore looms over me constantly, kind of like a nagging little drip, "you need to do the floors." "Susan, you really should start on those floors." And on and on and on. I truly waste more time worrying about the dreaded chore than it would have taken me to complete it. Silly, huh? Because of this dilemma I have decided I am going to meet the problem head on. How? By changing my attitude! Here is what I plan on doing:

1. Realize that the Lord has entrusted me with this beautiful home and family and it is not only my duty but also my honor and privilege to care for it
2. The chore that I dislike doing I am going to do with "gusto!" Yep, you heard me right. I am going to tackle those floors with as great energy as I can muster. I am going to clean those floors until they shine. I am going to make them so clean you could eat off of them!
3. I am going to do this chore BEFORE ANY OTHER IN THE MORNING! There is no sense in thinking about the chore I dislike doing all day. Putting it off and putting it off and putting it off is NOT GOING TO MAKE IT GO AWAY! Y'all, please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks like this:0) I vow that I will do it in the morning with a cheerful countenance and a grateful heart.
4. I will try to find ways to make this chore as pleasant as possible. Remember how I use lavender ironing spray to make my ironing more enjoyable? I need to do that with scrubbing floors. Some possibilities would be to put on some peppy music or praise music. I could use this time to pray or I could be memorizing bible verses. Another really good thing to do is TALK~
I remember that some of my best conversations with my own Mother occurred in the kitchen while she was doing chores. I have some really good memories of our time spent there.
5. Most importantly, I will meditate on this verse, "and whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men." I will take pride in my work and do it to the best of my ability.

So, whose with me? What chore is it that you dislike doing and what are some ways you can make that chore a more pleasurable experience? Remember, it's all in the attitude!


Christie Belle said...

Ahh, the dreaded floors, I would have to say this is one of my least favorite chores as well. That and dusting (because of allergies). But you have a good outlook and a good plan to tackle this not so fun job. Get it done first and don't dread it all day long. That is what I try to do too, get the worst part over and enjoy the rest of the day:) But I would rather do this than go to the dentist...since I do have a dentist appointment in the morning, for a filling...:( NO fun.

Karen said...

Susan, thank you for your support and prayers, and sweet encouragements. You are such a sweet gal!
I think that floors are my most disliked job around here, too. I clean them, and with a dog in the house, they're dirty again 5 minutes later. I read a book a few years ago where the author was teaching her children about "chores", but she called them "service opportunities".

I have to remember the attitude, also. I will use your tips for this! Thank you for posting this today. A fresh outlook of appreciation.

clarice said...

Akkk conviction, nooo I do not want to have a good attitude ;- P Alright I will die to self xoxoxox Clarice

Candy said...

My least favorite chore would have to be sweeping! Yep, I know sweeping is the super easiest chore of all. And I do it every single day. BUT, I get an awful bad back when I sweep! Does anyone else?? I am not sure why that is. Maybe I do too good of a job. Rob says I'll probably end up dying with a broom in my hand because I always seem to have a broom but yet it gives me so much pain, literally.
I dont mind mopping with a mop and fresh scented water.Im too fussy about doing it on my hands and knees though. Every now and then I will because the baseboards need a good cleaning.
But its really sweeping that pains me the most.

Great post and I will try to change my attitude now about sweeping. Anyone have any tips or ideas on how NOT to get a bad back when sweeping??

Mrs.B. said...

What a great attitude, thank you, I needed that! (o:


LBP said...

Attitude is everything! I will scrub your floors if you will clean my bathtub. That is my most hated chore! I always do the chore I hate the most first and get it out of the way. Makes the rest of the chores a little more pleasant without the looming over me.

Mrs. U said...

OH!!! I am SOOOO with you on the floors!!!!!!!! Once I have to start mopping, it seems like the floor goes on forever and ever!!! Mopping is the WORST job to me so I have to remind myself how nice the floors will look when I'm done and how wonderful the house will smell with a freshly mopped floor. Plus, I now have the extra motivation because I do NOT want Elizabeth's knees to get brown from crawling on a dirty floor! HAHA!! How embarrassing THAT would be!! :)

Mrs. U

Dannielle said...

Just the pep talk I needed! Thank you!

Lallee said...

Hi Susan. Katherine of Yellow Rose Arbor pointed me to your blog. I must be a kindred spirit when it comes to putting off least favorite chores. I can spoil a whole day putting them off and letting them hang over me. I like your idea of getting those done first. Enjoyed visiting your blog very much!