March 29, 2007

Mid-Week Fun!

After just having gone through a long winter I think it is time to start celebrating! How many times do we "wait" to do the "fun" things in life? Most of the time it seems like the "extra special" fun things are done on the weekend, BUT this does NOT have to be the case! How about spicing up life with a little mid-week fun! Instead of waiting for Saturday to come I decided to have a outdoor cookout on Wednesday! It was such a enjoyable and relaxing time, no fuss, much laughter, and some good memories.

Of course, no cookout is complete without some deviled eggs! These are the first of the season and boy, were they yummy! Uh, oh, I went a little too crazy with the paprika, but they still tasted delicious!

We also had some pasta salad to go along with our baked beans and hamburgers.

The absolute best part was the strawberry shortcake! I wish I could share some with you;)

Buster and Bailey had fun, too! After all their playing and running around they decided to take a little "cat nap" and enjoyed the last few wonderful rays of sunshine.

To end this most wonderful day we were treated to a beautiful sunset. As most of you know I had decided I wanted to "name" my porch. I call it Willow View and this picture shows you exactly why. Isn't the sun shining through the Willow Tree pretty?
So, what are you waiting for? See what kind of mid-week fun you can come up with! I promise, you will be so glad you did!


Kelli said...

What a wonderful idea, Susan!! Sometimes I get into a mid-week slump and something fun might cheer things up! Your deviled eggs look so good...I like lots of paprika on mine too and that strawberry shortcake....YUM!!!! I always love seeing pictures of your kitties...I hope they are sharing that sunny spot with you. :0)


clarice said...

I am sooo jealous. It is still too cold and raining and raining and raining. We could not even think of sitting outdoors. Enjoy for me. Clarice

Karen said...

We've had rain and gloomy skies here today. I like this mid-week idea. The food sounds like it was delicious, and I would love to be sitting on your Willow View porch, enjoying the setting sun, with you and the kitties.

Christie Belle said...

Well, that was a good idea! A nice way to get past the mid week blues. It all looked yummy, especially that strawberry shortcake:) I just love the view from your back porch, I think I would sit out there every night. It just looks so peaceful. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Mrs. U said...

What a wonderful idea!!! And your menu is just mouth-watering!! What a blessing for your family!

Mrs. U

Candy said...

Hiya MIV,
That food looks so scrumptious! Especially the strawberry shortcake!! :)
Loved the pictures and your plates are pretty too. I like the green one in the first picture :)

Mrs.B. said...

Everything looks delish!!

And I think Willow View is a perfect name for your porch.--What a lovely view!

Oh and I enjoyed seeing a picture of the kitties too. They're so cute! (o: