February 18, 2007

Something To Ponder
Let His Light Shine!

Yesterday I purchased these magnificent tulips. When I brought them home and arranged them in the vase I was very disappointed because they "flopped over" and lay limp in the container. I was so sad because I knew how beautiful they could be. When I awoke this morning I was amazed at the change in these beauties. As soon as the sunlight came streaming through the kitchen window the tulips stood up straight and tall as if they were at attention! They had also unfolded and opened up, showing the most wonderful display of beauty, with such fine and intricate detail. As I pondered this it came to my heart that we can be like those sad little tulips.Without the light of the Savior in our life we can be living a life without purpose and direction, feeling discouraged, and downright hopeless. Oh, but once we invite him into our lives we experience a most wonderful transformation!! Because of his light we are able to bloom and flourish, always on the ready to "stand" for HIM!! When we allow his light to come into our lives we will shine so brightly that we can serve as a beacon of hope to others!

We are opened up and transformed in the most beautiful way!

Standing straight and tall in His name!


clarice said...

Susan what a beautiful example what Christ does in our lives.
xoxox Clarice

Sharon Kay said...

The flowers are beautiful and so is the story of what God can do in our lifes. Good post and wonderful words Susan.

Jodi said...

Isn't it amazing how God reveals Himself in His creation? Lovely thoughts you shared, Susan! :o)

Love Bears All Things said...

Beautiful post and beautiful tulips, just the thing to lift the winter spirit. Mama Bear