February 01, 2007

Six Weird Things

I wasn't tagged to do this but I thought it sounded like fun so here goes: Name six weird things about yourself.

1. I'm a "germaphobe." I have a thing about bathrooms, meaning, they have to be super clean or I can't, um, you know! The thought of a public restroom makes me break out in a cold sweat. Mr. P is always amazed at me because when we travel to visit my family in Kentucky (525 miles) I can go the whole way without visiting a restroom! When we drive up to the front of my parent's home I have to make a fast sprint to the bathroom and nobody better be in my way or I'll knock them down:)

2. I have had the same pillow for so many years I can't even count. I have to take it whenever we are going to spend the night somewhere else and I always have to have the open part of the pillowcase on the left side of the pillow or I can't sleep. I have tried to "give" up my pillow numerous times and have invested money in many good quality pillows to see if "this will be the one," but it NEVER IS:( I CAN ONLY SLEEP WITH MY PILLOW!! Maybe I need to go to Pillows Anonymous! (I just don't watch those shows that talk about what is "lurking" in your pillow!) eewww . . . .

3. I am afraid of FISH. I'm not kidding y'all. Even if someone has a fish tank in their house I don't want to go in the room where they are. They give me the absolute "heebie jeebies."When I am at a lake or beach I have a terrible fear that they are going to swim over my feet. It makes me "shiver" just to think about it! And FORGET about EVER eating them! They will NEVER touch my lips!

4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE diet coke but that's not the weird thing. When I drink diet coke at home it absolutely, positively, MUST have a straw in it because don't y'all know that it doesn't taste good without one??!! I go to the dollar store and buy those packs of 500 straws, I"M NOT KIDDING!

5. I have a wonderful memory when it comes to names. I know some people break out into a cold sweat trying to think of someones name but not me. If someone tells me their name I will always remember it. I think that comes from my days of teaching because I always wanted to know all the children's names on the first day of school so they would feel special. I have "little tricks" I use to remember names but we won't go into that now!

6. Mr. P looks at my like I have two heads when I do this but I don't think it's really that weird. I put mayo on my hamburgers. That's not weird, is it? I also put salt on watermelon. That's not weird, either, is it? Finally, this is probably weird. I LOVE, LOVE peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. Oh, and it positively MUST be on Wonder bread:0) Try it, you'll like it;)


Anonymous said...

Ohh Susan~
That was Soooo funny!!!
Your too cute!!!



Rose said...

Mayo on hamburgers is not strange at all. I'm not sure about the peanut butter and pickles though.

Jodi said...

I was wondering how you justify the pillow thingy in light of the germ thingy :o) -- I guess you don't - lol! I'm a one-pillow fanatic, too.

I'm totally with you on the mayo and the salt on watermelon, but I've not tried your gourmet peanut butter creation yet -- maybe next year?

Re: remembering names
I used to work with a lady (both of us as legal secretaries) that could remember addresses like your remember names! I am in awe of you people -- amazing memories!!

Jodi said...

P.S. I keep forgetting to tell you -- I love your February duds -- all in pink and valentines! :o)

Dannielle said...

I salt watermelon too!

Karen said...

Oh this is funny. We could be sisters. I am so germophobic that I carry a BIG can of Lysol in my car to spray the shopping carts. I get really strange looks. Unfortunately I can't go as long as you in the traveling department so I resort to touching as little as possible with the aid of paper towels.LOL! Pillow has to be with me, too, and as for the food....totally agree, except I put bacon on my p.b. sandwiches and dill pickle relish on my chips. :-D

Copper's Wife said...

I thought everyone put mayo on burgers. Too funny about the pillow - I have a newer pillow but I, too, MUST have the open end of the case to the left. Have to. Absolutely!

Tammy said...

My Hubby eats mayo on his hamburger...and I can't eat watermellow without salt...and replace that pickle for a sliced nanner on that wonderbread and that would be my kind of sandrich!!

Kelli said...

What a great list, Susan! I'm an open part of the pillow on the right kind of girl. Hadn't really thought of it until now..LOL
By mayo do you mean miracle whip or mayonnaise? A burger isn't complete without miracle whip on it.

Oh, and I've never had salt on watermelon (I'll have to try it!) but I love it on cantalope!


Mary said...

Oh Susan, I am a germophobe too! I only use a public restroom in an emergency and then I try not to touch anything. Honestly, I use a kleenex to open the stall door both in and out! Ick!
Same way with pillow, have the same one for years and open on the left. Hubby will try to fool me, I always switch it and I must have silk pillowcases. Many on hamburgers is common here but I don't like it on burgers.
And...I love the new blog color and picture.

Mary said...

I intended to type 'mayo' on hamburgers is common here, not 'many'.

Susan P. said...

Jodi, there is no justification, hence the weirdness!! LOL

Kelli, I only do Miracle Whip with cheese sandwiches, I have to have Hellmans with my hamburgers!!

Ladies, I'm feeling the love! Here's to all you pillow loving, germ hating, lysol carrying, salt shaking, mayo eating friends!!!

Susan said...

I'm kinda scratching my head on the germophobe vs. one pillow for years thing too! LOL To each his own, of course! :)

We eat mayo on burgers - nothing strange about that - but I've never eaten pickles w/peanut butter. I don't like salt on any kind of melon, either.

I'm not a big fan of fish. I've never been swimming in a lake. I think I'd die if a fish brushed my leg. My dh has a fish tank with a shrimp in it, and when the shrimp sheds his exoskeleton, I freak out. It's the creepiest looking thing I've ever seen! LOL

Anonymous said...

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