February 23, 2007

The Gift Of A Meal
Girlfriends! What would we ever do without them? After a very long and tiring week of trips back and forth to the hospital the last thing I felt like doing was cooking. Hospital food is certainly less than appealing and when returning home late at night I didn't really have the energy to cook. That's where girlfriends come in! Girlfriends have that instinctive knowledge of when you are need of a home-cooked meal and a hug. They don't just "ask," they DO!! I was the beneficiary of one of those meals and honestly, words cannot describe how happy I was to see my girlfriend come to my door armed with a casserole in one hand and a hug from the other. Believe me when I tell you, such a seemingly small act can make such a big difference in a person's life. I want to encourage you, if you feel like someone you know could use a little "love from the oven," don't just think, DO!! You will be such a blessing to someone, I promise.
** One thing I always do when bringing a meal to someone is to bring it in containers that DON'T have to be returned. It is one less thing the recipient has to worry about;)


Julieann said...

How nice of your friend, Susan:) I agree about giving things in containers that don't need to be returned too.


P.S. I actually like hospital food;)

Sharon Kay said...

That is what friends are for, and they seem to know when they are needed. Sharon K

Anonymous said...

Wish I lived closer to you...I'd be on your doorstep with a meal:)

Michelle from MI

clarice said...

Susan, what a blessing to have a friend and a good reminder to keep our freezer full for friends in need. I wish I could come fill your freezer with yummy food. Love Clarice

Candy said...

I think its the best gift you can give someone...a gift you made, especially a home cooked meal!
Its nice to have friends :)

Anonymous said...

Susan, how sweet of your friend! Friends are true blessings!

Helpmate said...

I'm just now learning of your mother-in-law as I've been away from the computer for awhile. In times like this we should be an encouragement to you; however, you've been an encouragement to all of us. Thanks for your testimony to His faithfulness.

Kelli said...

What a blessing!! It's wonderful to have such sweet and caring girlfriends, Susan!

Jammy said...

You are very blessed to have such a caring friend...one who is not afraid to just do it.