January 23, 2007

A Very Special Day!

Yesterday was a very special day for our family. Awhile back I wrote this about my son looking for a home to buy. Little did I know at the time that he would be buying a most "special" house. Much to my joy and amazement he bought the house where Mr. P and I first lived when we were married!! Y'all, God's hand was definitely in this!!
This house was the house where as a young bride I was carried over the threshold by my handsome new husband. It was in this house where I found out I was pregnant with my son. I had done the EPT test and back then you had to wait forever for the results. I was waiting in the bedroom and Mr. P went in the bathroom not realizing the results would be showing already. When he returned from the bathroom he had a big grin on his face and Mr. P ended up telling ME that we were having a baby!! How often does that happen?? LOL It was in this house that we brought my son home from the hospital. It was in this house where he was loved on, rocked, sung to, loved on. read to, loved on, prayed with, loved on . . . . . you get the picture! I'm sure that sounds familiar! It was also in this house where I brought home his baby sister and where they both learned how to crawl, walk, talk, and LOVE! For six years we did a lot of loving and living in that house. It was a home filled with much joy and happiness and it does this Mama's heart so good to know that my son wanted to return to his childhood home!

I think the Lord has a hand in everything in our lives and I believe he definitely had his hand in this. This particular house came on the market just at the time that my son was looking for a home! I believe that the Lord led him to this house and I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will be watching over my son and daughter-in-love all the while they live there.
When I entered the home last night I felt like I had literally walked back into time. I would run from room to room showing them where the crib used to be, where I rocked them as babies, the sink where I had bathed them, where they played outside, etc... Tears of joy sprang to my eyes because of the thought of the future that they have together and the future that they will build upon in this house. As Mom moments go, this is a pretty wonderful one for me. I thought it couldn't get any better than when he proposed to our daughter-in-love on our 24th wedding anniversary, but I was wrong!
Ladies, enjoy each and every precious minute you have with your babies because it goes by sooo fast. After you have done all the rocking, and singing, and playing, and loving you can possibly do I have a prayer for you. My prayer is that one day you to will get to see your children grow into wonderful young adults and spread their wings and be ready to fly on their own. All the while still remembering where they came from, know who they are in the Lord, know the door to your home and hearts is always open, and that they tuck this knowledge into their heart for the rest of their life. One day this great and firm foundation will be passed down to their children and then their children's children. When that happens that's about the best "Mom" moment there can be!


Jodi said...

Susan -

Reading this post brought tears to my eyes! What a special joy to see your son settle into a home filled with so many precious memories! Yes - what a Mom moment! and Oh the Hand of God -- is it not thrilling to see Him move?

Mrs. C said...

Wow, Susan!

Can you imagine possibly rocking a grandbaby in that house? :)

deb said...

Susan, how very special for you! I know you are so excited! Thanks for sharing your mom moment with us.

Mississippi Girl said...

O MY! How wonderful! This brought tears to my eyes... what a sweet, precious story!
Jennifer R.

Senkyoshi said...

What a blessing! There will be more memories to make in that house now!

thehomespunheart said...

This is such a touching post - I love it! What a special blessing God has poured out! I love that you call your son's wife your daughter-in-love, I've heard of that before, but it sounds so sweet! Yeah God!

G.L.H. said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely story. How precious to have the house "again" to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan~
That was a very sweet post,


Copper's Wife said...

Oh, Susan,what an incredibe story!! I'm so excited for you, and your son. How wonderful for him to be starting his life in a home with such happy memories!!!!! Thank you for sharing this!

Sharon Kay said...

Oh Susan...what a wonderful post a family story from the heart and for sure a very special mom moment for you. Now when you visit them when they are settled in the home you forecer will have many wonderful memories to share of yesterday. I am so happy that they now will have the home he grew up in.......Hugs to you and the whole family.Sharon K

Betty said...

Firstly, thank you for coming by my blog and for the sweet comments. As you know, this is a new endeavor. Please drop by anytime.
I have been reading your postings for awhile and enjoy and relate to them. I am the keeper of our home and I enjoy" fixing it up."
How wonderful that your son and daughter-in-law are blessed to live in this particular home. Isn't our Heavenly Father so gracious? I think so.
God Bless.
Betty at Country Charm

Mrs. U said...

This is so wonderful!!! I am sitting here crying right along with you- tears of joy!!!!

Your son must be an incredible man. How blessed his future family will be!!!

Mrs. U

Kelli said...

Oh, my goodness, that is amazing!! I enjoyed hearing about all the wonderful memories you have from your special home!

picketfencemom said...

This is so special and wonderful! I'm a VERY sentimental person, and this post touches my heartstrings! I'm blessed to now live with my family in my grandparent's home next-door to my mama and daddy. This is the house my daddy was raised in! And when I was a little girl, I was in and out of this house all day long visiting my grandma. Since we remodeled and added on, the house doesn't look the same...but I still have my precious memories all the same! I'm so happy for your son, future DIL...and you!