January 26, 2007

Housewarming Gift

Here is a picture of what Miss Bonnie gave as a housewarming gift! My almost daughter-in-love bought Miss Bonnie the new Martha baking cookbook for Christmas. Bonnie decided to make a recipe out of the cookbook and then she purchased this cake plate to display the cookies on! I have always loved the look of a cake plate on a kitchen counter and it can also be used to hold fruit, etc. if you remove the lid. It's not only pretty, it is also versatile!

The cookies she baked were called Cheesecake Thumbprints!


thehomespunheart said...

These look delicious and I LOVE the cake plate - I love the look of things elevated at different levels. And, a cake plate just looks so inviting and beautiful. What a thoughtful gift! She must have learned this thoughtfulness from her sweet mom!

Mrs.B said...

I love cake plates too. And those cookies look 'delish' as Rachael Ray says.(o;

clarice said...

What a smart idea. i loove and have to remember it. xox Clarice

picketfencemom said...

Oooh pretty! And such a wonderful (and yummy) gift idea! Miss Bonnie is one smart cookie...just like her mama! LOL Thanks for sharing!
Have a blessed weekend!

Kelli said...

Beautiful cake plate!!! Oh, those cookies look so good, can we please, pretty please have the recipe?!!

Susie Q said...

Such lovely and delicious looking cookies! The cake plate is beautiful!
I have been reading through the posts and think your dining table is just so pretty...love your way with words and sweet thoughts. How special that your son will live in your old home!
And your special plate....so fun. We have a pig holding a chalk board that gets seasonal ribbons and someone is always writing something fun!
Life is made up of those silly, sweet and special moments.
Have a blessed weekend.

Susan P. said...

Kelli, absolutely, I will post the recipe next week:)

Mrs. U said...

The cake plate looks SO pretty holding the cookies! I never thought of serving cookies that way- excellent idea!!!

Any chance that Miss Bonnie has a blog? If not, maybe she should start one and share all her mouth-watering recipes! Yummm!!

Mrs. U

Mrs. Staggs said...

What a lovely idea for a housewarming gift. I have a covered cake plate like that on my kitchen counter too. I love it. It keeps things fresher longer and looks pretty and inviting too.