December 04, 2006

Welcome To Our Kitchen!

A close-up shot of my little kitchen tree decorated with cookie cutters and gumdrops~

Christmas card holder~ it's starting to fill up!

My sweet little gingerbread man.

My kitchen window that is home to my homespun snowman collection.

Kitchen table~ Cranberries, greens and candles!

Gingerbread house Miss Bonnie and I made~

Snowman candle, lamp, and a jar of yummy peppermints~

Christmas basket that holds Chritmas towels and napkins~


Shari said...

oh, i've always wanted to make a gingerbread house! it looks fantastic!

clarice said...

Your kitchen look so sweet and Christmasy. Love your tree !! Clarice

Anonymous said...

Soooo warm and welcoming!!! Your kitchen looks like a wonderful place to sit down with a hot cup of tea, a plate full of gingerbread cookies and a good hour of time to just sit and chat.

Mrs. U

thehomespunheart said...

So welcoming and festive! You have done a wonderful job inviting Christmas into your home!

Susan P. said...

Shari, Miss Bonnie and I do one every year and it is one of our most favorite Christmas activities! You should make one, too!

Clarice, thanks!

Mrs. U, Come on over!!

Monica, I'm so glad you could visit!

Kelli said...

Oh, I think it is so sweet that you and Bonnie make a Gingerbread house together!! Your kitchen looks so cozy and inviting! I love the stained wreath in the window with all your snowmen above, just beautiful!