December 19, 2006

I'm Dreaming Of A . . . . .

White Christmas!

I live in Virginia and the chances of my area having a White Christmas are usually only about 25%! Seeing that we have had 70 degree temperatures lately I think the chances are even less. Maybe there is something to all this global warming stuff! What are your chances of having a White Christmas?? BTW, you are supposed to be imagining good old Bing singing as you read this post! LOL


Kelli said...

Susan, your home is beautiful! I LOVE the greenery and candles at each pretty! We have been having 70 degree days lately, although today it is in the 50's and rainy. Much better for December. I am hoping you get some snow in the next few days!

Denial Renae said...

Nope, no white Christmas here in Indiana. Supposed to be a balmy 50 degrees.

Copper's Wife said...

No White Christmas here. Ever! In fact, in my almost 50 years in this area, it has snowed, maybe, three times, and only one of those times did the snow "stick". That one time it snowed a teensy bit overnight, maybe an inch or so total, and there was still some snow in the shady spots by 9:00 a.m. My high school principal had to use the school's P.A. system to threaten our very lives if we didn't stop brining snow into the halls for the purposes of a)tossing snowballs at unsuspecting students, b)building small snowmen on teachers' desks and c) cramming the snow through the vents of the lockers. We were bad, but we'd never EVER had snow in town! Enjoy your warm weather! We're into the mid-20's here overnight, and that's unusual for us!!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful house. We're hoping for a white Christmas but I'm not sure that it's cold enough yet, we've only had a couple of frosts.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog a couple weeks ago and been checkin in and I really love it!
I loved your article about the show homes you visited. And I love seeing pictures of your home!
My brother and siter in law live in Richmond Virginia so its neat for me to read the things you say about it there like the weather etc..

My family and I live in Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) and we WILL definately be having a beautiful white Christmas (as we do each year) =)


Mrs. U said...

Susan, your home looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am shocked, however, that you won't get snow for Christmas! I kind of had it in my mind that anything north of Georgia always had a white Christmas!! Guess I need to rethink that, huh? HA!!!

Being here in Georgia, I have only had 1 white Christmas. My very first Christmas was spent in West Virginia with my grandparents. I'm sure it was quite nice, but I don't remember a thing! HA! I'm still dreaming of one here in Georgia, but it looks like it will be just a "dream" for a long, long time.

Mrs. U

thehomespunheart said...

Our chances are about ZERO! :)

But, I was inspired (watch my blog) to host a "snow party" in January to celebrate the fun and creativity of snow. Obviously this party will be hosted without any of the genuine white stuff present!

Amy Jo said...

No white Christmas for me either. :( It will be raining, though. I live in Western Maryland...but not the county that gets all the snow. Garrett always gets a ton of snow, but Allegany County usually doesn't.