December 13, 2006

Favorite Ornament Show And Tell

My friend Deb at is sponsoring a Favorite Ornament Show And Tell. When I saw that she was doing this I immediately knew what ornament I would show! I have treasured this ornament for over 41 years and I can remember very vividly the day I received it and how excited I was. I was seven years old at the time and it was my "first real big girl ornament!" I was so proud of it! Ever since then I always make sure the ornament is the first one on the tree and when it is time to pack everything up I take extra care in wrapping it up.

The ornament is made from an eggshell that has been wrapped in beautiful velvet fabric of royal purple and gold. The front of the egg ornament has been cut out and inside you can see an angel playing a mandolin. The inside of the ornament has been sprayed with a glittery gold spray paint. The opening is surrounded by beautiful gold trim and the ornament is hung on the tree with a gold cord. This ornament is priceless to me because it brings back so many wonderful Christmas memories. Be sure and visit Deb so you can see all of the beautiful Christmas ornaments our blogging friends are showing!

Side View

Front of Ornament

Back of Ornament


deb said...

Oh, Susan, W-O-W! What a unique and special ornament! It's beautiful and something you treasure for good reason. Thanks for sharing the story and for participating in the Show & Tell! I have certainly had fun visiting the ornament links.

clarice said...

Just beautiful Susan. Clarice

amanda said...

i agree . . . how special. definately a one-of-a-kind treasure.

(came here via Deb's show-and-tell)

aggiejenn said...

what a beautiful ornament! It reminds me of some of the antique ornaments I have that hung on my mother's tree when she was young.

Merry Christmas!