December 29, 2006

Curiosity and a Question For YOU!

When I first started this little blog about six months ago I really didn't have any idea what I would be writing about. Sure, I knew what I wanted to write about for the first week or so but after that, then what?? It is amazing to me that every morning when I wake up I have no idea what I am going to be writing about for that day. I am not kidding! As the day wears on something will usually come to me to blog about. One thing I can honestly say is that I always write from my heart. Honestly. I want my blog to be one of encouragement and one that shows a true love of God through each and every line.

This "blogging thing" is very weird to me in a way. For the most part I have no idea who reads my blog and something that is really amazing to me is that people are actually taking time out of their day to read it! That is where you come in! I want to know WHO is reading my blog and WHAT you like reading about on my blog. Reason?? I guess I could say it is because it would help me with future posts in 2007 but that wouldn't really be true. The real reason?? I am just CURIOUS, plain and simple! That's the real reason, y'all! I just thought it would be fun to meet some new friends. If you feel like commenting that would be great and if you don't that is fine, too! Please know either way you are always welcome at A Place Called Home!
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Denial Renae said...

I like reading your blog! I like the house photos and such the best! and your crafty ideas!

Amy Jo said...

I just love the whole thing. :)

My blog is here:

Amy Jo

Cindy said...

I only happened upon your blog a day or so ago....but reading through the archives....I love it. I will be visiting often!!!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog just wandering around the web one evening .. enjoy it so I stayed!
Hope you don't mind :)

Denise in TN

Kelli said...

Susan, I love reading your blog because you are real, honest, warm and encouraging. I love your homemaking and craft ideas too! Thank you for your friendship this past year!

mrsnesbitt said...

Blogs are visit one and then you nip along to another and so it goes and goes!

Lovely blog here, loved the picture of the cat!

Karen C in Illinois said...

Hello! I think I came to your blog via a WFMW post, and I've enjoyed it ever since! I even read all the archives. I enjoy the special way you have made your house a home, and also because I spent 2 years in Williamsburg, I enjoy seeing Virginia in your pictures from time to time.

clarice said...

Well Susan, you know me !! I really love your blog as whole. But what I love the most is your creative ideas on making a beautiful home. I look forward to the up-coming year !!
Love Clarice

Brenda said...

I love reading your blog, too.

Nothing special...just what is on your mind, how you decorate your home, tea times, books, all those things that have drawn likeminded ladies together in Blogland!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. I enjoy reading your crafty ideas and your words of wisdom. Like I remember being really touched when you posted about seasons of life.

Happy New Year.

Susan said...

I can't remember how I found your blog, but I'm so glad I did! I probably found it by following a link from another blog. I love the pics of your home and your crafts, too. You keep me inspired - keep on!

Rachel said...

I found your blog, through another blog, through another know how it goes. :)

I enjoy all the posts that you make about your homemaking!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy everything about your blog actually =)
I really enjoy reading what you post and I LOVE the decorating ideas, pictures and cute craft-home making ideas and different holiday ideas too!!!
I like too when you share your fav books, calendars etc.
Mostly, your blog (You) caught my attention by what you write about, and that little picture of yourself =) You seem like a very sweet person and very in tune with scripture etc. I love that.
Thanks, I am so glad you decided to do a blog and that I came across it! =)
God bless you always.

and Happy 2007!
--Candy from Canada.. ;)

Susan P. said...

Dear Ladies, I have enjoyed so much reading all of your comments! I feel like I have found friends that I didn't even know I had! What a blessing:) Thank you so much for all of your kind words and especially thank you for visiting A Place Called Home!
My love to all,
Susan P.

thehomespunheart said...

I like reading about your love for home. I think of you as a "Titus Mom" so to speak. You are giving, hospitable, love home, and you love the Lord. These are the things that keep me coming back to read your thoughts! Thank you for being open and sharing of yourself!

Mary said...

Susan, your blog is so encouraging. Your homemaking ideas are wonderful. I always think of your hatbox of memories. That was one of my favorites. I love seeing pictures of your home and your decorating. Your blog is a favorite! You have become a wonderful friend!

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Hi Susan, I love everything about your's so inviting. Love the pictures of your home, your crafts, etc. Your love of home and family is so encouraging...thanks for being such a blessing!

Chrissy said...

Your love of the Lord, your home, and your family shine through. I find encouragement here. Thanks!

Lura said...

I also enjoy your homemaking ideas, seeing pictures of your beautiful home, and just your friendliness that comes through your blog!