November 15, 2006

How To Put The "Perk" Back In Your Step!
We all have those days when we aren't feeling our best, you know the kind of days I'm talking about. Miss Bonnie and I call them "bad face days!" Usually on those days all I feel like doing is throwing on a pair of old sweats and running a comb through my hair (not hard to do since I don't have much hair as you can tell by my picture!) So many times I have the attitude that "oh well, if I'm feeling bad what does it matter???" Let me tell you something, IT DOES MATTER!! Time after time the sweats would go on and I couldn't understand why I wasn't feeling better. DUH! It finally dawned on me (I'm slow y'all) that I could change the way I was feeling about myself with just a few minor adjustments and very little cost. Below I have listed what helps put the "perk" back in my step and a smile on my face.
These are my essential "feel better" items!

1. I read in a magazine once that ladies are either "mascara" girls or "lipstick" girls. The article talked about if given the choice when you were going out and you could only wear one thing, "which would it be?" The answer was easy for me, I am a Lipstick Girl!! I immediately feel happier because it brightens up my face and gives me some color.

2. I paint my nails a pretty color. I happen to love pink! I feel happy to look at my hands and see them looking pretty.

3. I spritz on my favorite cologne. Mine happens to be Happy by Clinique. As you can see by the bottle, Happy really does make me happy! I have worn it for years and I guess you could say it is my signature fragrance.

4. I'm probably stating the obvious here but, TAKE OFF THE SWEATS and wear something pretty! I find that most of the time if I look neat and well groomed I DO feel better about myself.

5. Finally, I try to put a smile on my face! It really DOES make a difference!

** Please know that I always first go to the Lord in prayer but these are just a few simple ways I have have found to help me feel more feminine and pretty on those certain "bad days."


Copper's Wife said...

Great advice!! Fixing up a bit always makes me feel better. Too, it's really not fair to my family for me to look yucky just because I feel yucky. For the record, I'm a mascara girl. My eyes get lost behind my glasses otherwise!

Mrs.B. said...

I *love* 'Happy' by Clinique too. I wear it quite a bit in the summer time. During the winter I make the switch to 'Aromatics' also by Clinique. Although I must say that sometimes the citrusy perfumes can help make the winter seem a bit more 'sunny'.

I used to paint my nails but it seems like I do dishes one time and it chips. Do you do something in particular that helps to keep your nail polish on?

And I agree.....'fixing up' *does* help.

Great post, thanks! (o:

Anonymous said...

I know the felling and I am also a lipstick person. It may be my age but years ago we all put makeup on every morning. The girls of today are so pretty and the look seems to be natural........I so agree with you about just a little color can make a difference.......

clarice said...

We are a vesel of the Lord and it is important for us to take care of His vesel. This is why I have my buble bath every afternoon !! Clarice

Shari said...

yes, that's cool! it helps to remember that sometimes you can change from the outside in. :):)