November 13, 2006

Cooking "Faux Paux's!"
As Thanksgiving approaches we naturally tend to spend more time in the kitchen sifting through recipes, making grocery lists and buying special ingredients to set the perfect holiday table for our family. Now, I consider myself a fairly good cook and I know my way around the kitchen pretty well. However, this was not always the case:) I remember as a young bride my husband and I went and picked a pumpkin from our local pumpkin patch. My husband had never carved a pumpkin before so I was most delighted to show him how to do it. After we had completed our "masterpiece" I told him there was no use in wasting all that good pumpkin that we had scooped out. Now ladies, I'm talking about the pumpkin guts, you know, the yucky, slimy, stringy strands and the pumpkin seeds. I very assuredly brought out my Betty Crocker cookbook (cause Betty knew everything!) and proceeded to make my husband his first homemade pumpkin pie. Words cannot begin to describe the look on my precious husband's face as he took a bite of that "splendid" homemade pie. Never a bad word was uttered by him, he was just waiting for me to taste it so I would see the results weren't all that (hmm) spectacular!! That sweet man would have eaten that whole stringy, seedy mess of a pie if I hadn't stopped him. Now if that isn't true love, I don't know what is! Do you have a cooking "faux paux" that you would like to share?


deb said...

I've had some mistakes...but do I want to share them? LOL!

1) meatballs over rice, one of our favorite meals - we had company invited over for this particular meal, and I forgot to fix the rice! How could that have happened? Since it takes 30 min to cook and everything else was ready...we just went w/o the rice. Very embarrassing.

2) This involves rice, too. I can't remember what else I prepared, but I must have read the rice bag serving portions incorrectly and didn't prepare nearly enough rice. It was barely enough to go around and definitely not enough for seconds--and yes, we did have company!!

One thing I remember messing up on (having to do with actually cooking the food) was my first turkey; I cooked the giblet bag inside him! Yes, we had invited several young guys from Langley AFB over to eat with us that year, but I don't think they cared!

Anonymous said...

When a newlywed, I was preparing cake batter when I discovered I didn't have any eggs. I decided to proceed anyway. I found out why eggs are important--they hold the cake together. Can you say, Pile of Crumbs (but "tasty" crumbs)!

clarice said...

well a couple of weeks ago, I burned the carrots I was roasting, the rice in the ricecooker was still raw, the icing was runny and the roast took 1/2 hour longer then I thought it would. Clarice

Amy said...

Ho ho ho! This reminds me of my dad's story about his first Thanksgiving in Canada (not a holiday they celebrated in Finland). His mother heard that everyone had pumpkin pie, so she sliced up the pumpkin, added some spice and put on a crust - just like you would make an apple pie! Their family was very puzzled that night, wondering *why in the world* anyone would want to eat this horrible pie!

I've made a couple apple pies as a teenager with the skins left on. Blech!!

Susan P. said...

Ladies, I so enjoyed reading about your cooking "faux paux's" I giggled more than once!! It just goes to show that we ALL have them at one time or another and that is how we learn:)