October 12, 2006

Our 24 Anniversary Trip
Asheville, North Carolina
The Biltmore House

We're back from our 24th anniversary trip!! We went to Asheville, North Carolina to visit the Biltmore House. Asheville is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and it is absolutely beautiful. The leaves were about 1/3 of the way turned and everywhere you looked were beautiful signs of Fall. We stayed in a Holiday Inn that had the most beautiful view of the mountains. Below are some of the pictures from our room. I just had to share because they did such an outstanding job of welcoming us!

When we arrived we were each greeted with a chocolate mint on our bed!

Y'all when I went into our bathroom I started doing the "happy dance" because they had my very favorite Crabtree and Evelyn!! I was expecting Ivory or Dial! LOL

They fixed our towels so nicely I didn't even want to use them:)

The beautiful view from our room!

This was a seasonal display they had at the motel! **See next post for pics of the Biltmore!


Mrs. C said...

Sounds like the kind of treatment I like to get while traveling! I'm interested in which particular Holiday Inn you stayed at, as we would like to plan a trip to the area in the (hopefully) not-so-distant future.

P.S. Welcome home!

Shari said...

oh, that's like a dream come true!! my mom has been to biltmore, and she can't stop talking about how palatial it is.

and to be able to stay there, holy cow!

i'm about to read about your experience, but i had to comment on these pictures! :):)

Peggy said...

you are making me homesick! I use to live the next exit off I40(Batcave Chimney Rock exit) You picked a great time to visit!

clarice said...

Wow Susan, what a beautiful place to stay. I am so happy you had a wonderful trip. It looks just lovely !! Clarice

Mississippi Girl said...

Looks like such a GREAT trip! I'm sure y'all had a wonderful time! We go to Asheville in the summers- one of my hubby's sisters lives there... I love to visit and enjoy the scenery.
Happy Anniversary!!
Jennifer R.

Kelli said...

Happy Anniversary Susan!!
What a beautiful place to stay! It looks like they really know how to make a guest feel right at home. The view is incredible!

Mrs.B. said...

Asheville is so beautiful! I'm so glad you had such a nice time. (o:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time ~ and Happy Anniversary!!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Teri said...

What a beautiful place (your hotel and the Biltmore!). DH and I are planning our 20th Anniversary trip for December! Congrats on 24 years!

Teri in CO

Susan P. said...

Mrs. C, the Holiday Inn that we stayed at was the Holiday Inn East Biltmore Exit # 50. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Make sure and ask for a room in the front that faces the mountain, preferrably on the 3rd or 4th floor. The Biltmore was just a few miles down at Exit 55! The only negative thing was that our motel exit didn't have any good eat places, all fast food. Biltmore exit 50 had plenty, though! *You can check all the info out through Trip Advisor, that's how I picked the particular motel. I am a big researcher and I love to hear people's opinions!

Susan P. said...

Shari, we actually didn't stay at the Biltmore, we stayed at the Holiday Inn! You have to be a "gagillionare" to stay there;)

Peggy, I remember your exit well. We were commenting on what a neat name that was and wondered if Batman was around;) I know you must get sick of hearing that! LOL

Clarice, Jennifer,Kelli, Mrs. B, Laurie, and Terri, Thank you so much!!

Dorothy said...

I am Shari's mom, and yes I did love touring Biltmore. My husband sprained his ankle the day before while were in the mountains, and he walked all over the place anyway. We used the headphone walking tour, and also took the extra tour, and it was all worth it!