October 30, 2006

My Sweet Find!
Y'all know my crazy obsession with linens! I had been in KMart a few weeks back and saw the most adorable "Day of the Week" tea towels from Martha Stewart. I instantly fell in love with them but I told myself I was going to be "a good girl" and not get them. Well, I kept thinking how darling they were ( they reminded me of those darling little day of the week undies we used to wear as little girls) and so I decided to return to purchase them! Well, I guess everyone else thought they were darling too, because there were none left:( I did however discover these sweet little tea towels that will fit in beautifully in my kitchen. I can't wait to wash and iron them and get them all "spiffed" up. What can I say, linens
just make me happy:)


annewithane65 (Kim) said...

Those are sweet, little tea towels! I love all things "Martha Stewart".

Copper's Wife said...

I love those tea towels!! What a find!

Mary said...

The tea towels are cute. Maybe K-Mart will get more of the day of the week towels. Be sure and post a picture when you have them all pressed and displayed in your kitchen.

clarice said...

I too have a huge linen weekness too. alone with china, books, anything old ect. !! Clarice

Amy said...

Ooooh, those are gorgeous! My tea towels are due for replacing soon :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Martha Stewart "day of the week" towels. Several years ago I purchased two sets of them --- and they are still as good as new! I use them all the time and they hold up so nicely. Great quality! Of course, by this season the design has probably changed some with the new ones, but that's par for the course!


Susan P. said...

Kim, I do too! I love to wander the home aisles just to admire her things:)

Copper's wife, they were!!

Mary, I will do that!

Clarice, my linen friend, I knew you could relate! LOL

Amy, MSL has so many darling ones to choose from.

LaTeaDah, it's so nice to hear that you are impressed with the quality. Now I'm even happier with my purchase!