October 18, 2006

Miss Bonnie's Love For Pink
My Miss Bonnie is a "girlie" girl through and through, just like her Mama! Anyway, as you know from previous posts Miss Bonnie and I love to go antiquing. I wanted to share with you a few of her wonderful finds from the other day. I can't resist, y'all, "she was tickled pink!" LOL

A beautiful pink depression glass bowl and the loveliest hankie with the letter B embroidered on it in what else, why pink of course!

She also found this darling tea cup candle holder (not antique, but it's cute!) that fits in perfectly with her tea cup collection.

Speaking of being a "girlie" girl, I am unashamedly one as well. I love flowers but I especially love them when they are a surprise. They will melt my heart everytime!

Here's to all you girlie girl's out there!!


Amy said...

I too am a lover of all things pink :) Beautiful finds!

Mary said...

Hi Susan,

Ooh, pretty finds! Bonnie did good! Love the bowl and the hankie is so pretty, her initial and pink too! The two of you have lots of "girlie" company out here. I will have to post a pic of my pink depression glass for Bonnie to see. Hmmm, an idea for a blog post, which I have not posted on for some time. Busy days and evenings also! Loved your post today!

clarice said...

From one girly girl to another great finds !! Clarice

Mindy said...

Love all the dainties!! Great finds!!

Kelli said...

Oooh..how pretty!!! You two found some beautiful things. I just love the pink hankie with the B initial!
I bought a few hankies last week and thought of you.

Oh, and I stepped out of my comfort zone today and took some homemade pumpkin muffins over to our new neighbor. I always get nervous meeting new people but she was very nice. Thank you so much for the hospitality encouragment!


Anonymous said...

I love pink. My Mother owns that very piece of depression glass that you have pictured. :)