October 16, 2006

Because Nice DOES Matter!
As most of you know from my previous posts I spend a LOT of time at my kitchen window. I figured since I'm going to be spending so much time there I wanted to make is not only a place that is pleasing to the eye but I also wanted to make it a meaningful time as well. When I am doing my dishes I can think about my friends and loved ones, pray, sing praises, and sometimes on "certain days" tackle that nasty frying pan with a little bit TOO much gusto, if you know what I mean! LOL

I try to surround myself with things that speak to my heart and can serve as reminders to me. When I saw this sign "BECAUSE NICE MATTERS" I knew it would have to find a place on my window sill. Why, because NICE REALLY DOES MATTER! Everyday I can make a conscious choice whether I'm going to be nice OR be mean and cranky. When it gets right down to it nobody is MAKING me be mean and cranky, that is the feeling and behavior I am choosing to display.

They say it takes a lot more muscles to frown than smile. Ladies, this is a great incentive in itself because it will cut down on our wrinkles! When I pass somebody on the street I can either choose to ignore them or decide to greet them with a pleasant smile. Even if it is not returned that is okay because the smile will still make me feel good. The frazzled clerk at the checkout might have forgotten how to smile but I can certainly remind her by giving her one! It takes very little effort to hold the door open for a Mom with a stroller and diaper bag and a screaming child on her hip, or a frail elderly person who needs a little extra assistance. Those are just a few examples in our day to day life where we are given the choice of our behavior. I have found that most times when I see somebody that looks worn out or sad, if I give them a smile I will usually get a little one back. People are walking around with such wounded hearts and heavy burdens that they need a little "nice" in their life. Sometimes even the smallest gestures can mean so much to a hurting person.

We can also practice "nice" in our homes. I am here to ashamedly admit that sometimes I treat strangers nicer than my own family members. That's a hard "pill to swallow" but it is very much the truth sometimes. God has convicted me on this matter many times. I need to show love, appreciation, and NICENESS towards my family every single day, after all they are God's gift to me. Again, it is those small little gestures that mean so much. A "please" here and a "thank you" there can show your family member how much you love and respect them. That is certainly what I always want to convey to my family even though I don't always succeed.

In closing I will be the first one to say that some people are much easier to be nicer to than others. Do you know what I mean??!! If we remember that with each act of kindness we are doing it through God's love then it will make the smile a little wider:) I think you will be amazed at the response you will get from people. Why? Because NICE DOES MATTER! Who can you be "nice" to today?


Mrs.B. said...

Great post! I've noticed the same thing....often my smile will be returned and if not, well I'm not really out anything and it probably still did make a difference.

As for being nicer to strangers than those I live with.....oi! I struggle with that at times too!

Thanks for the reminder. (o:


deb said...

Hi Susan, I can testify that smiles do make a difference. One day I was driving along a narrow street in Williamsburg, and a very nice looking 30-ish young lady was walking along the sidewalk. I glanced at her as I drove by, and she was looking right at me and smiled at me! A big friendly have-a-nice-day kind of smile...given to a stranger not even on the sidewalk with her but in a car on the street!

I will never forget it, and this happened at least 8 years ago. And even now I can remember the warm feeling she gave me when she smiled.

Thanks for this post. I like nice people. :)

Mindy said...

You post made me really think...thank you for speaking such truth! I always enjoy visiting with you!
Blessings to you and yours..

lori said...

This was a wonder post. Your words are so very true. Thank you for the reminder to be nice to someone today.

Mississippi Girl said...

Ohhh... I like this post. I've found this to be soooo true, as well. You know, Mama always DID say you could "catch more flies with honey...." Thanks for posting this!!
Jennifer R.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great post and a wonderful reminder. I wasn't too nice to a man today who nearly ran my littlest over...now he was in the wrong but I was also wrong in how I reacted. I need to visit your blog more often your posts are so warm and thoughtful. Thank you! :o)

Mrs. Pivec said...

Oooo. I'm coveting your sign! I may need to make one if I can't find one! :)

One "nice" thing I like to do is ring my bicycle bell at people when I ride by. My bell sounds like a doorbell and I always get a surprised look and a smile - sometimes even a chuckle. Whether they're laughing at me or with me, doesn't really matter to me; it's just fun.

In the town I used to live in I passed a retirement home on the way to the library. There were always a number of folks sitting out on the front stoop in a line watching the world go by in the sunshine. I always waved and rang my bell at them... and I ALWAYS received smiles and waves back.

Great post; great sign.

I believe in NICE!

Susan P. said...

Mrs. b, that's exactly how I feel!

Deb,thank you for sharing that wonderful story. Your testimony certainly proves that a smile DOES make a difference in a person's life:)

Mindy, thank you so much for your kind words.

Lori, I'm so glad this was an encouragment to you in some way. BTW, I'm smiling now!!

Mississippi girl, I think we have the same Mama!

Mrs. Blythe, I am so glad your little one is okay. I am sure in that situation is would be very hard NOT to overreact. I think that is just a very normal human response. After all, we are Mama's!

Mrs. Pivec, may I tell you that your comment put a big smile on my face??!! I can just picture you riding your bike all over town ringing your little bell. I just love it! Thank you so much for sharing with us:)