August 08, 2006

"TO DO" "TA DA" Tuesday
Blogging Buddy Boards

This craft project was made for a purely selfish reason, I LOVE TO BLOG!! A few months ago if you would have told me that I wouldn't have believed you:) I love that I share a connection with so many wonderful ladies around the world. I love it that we learn from each other, encourage each other, pray for each, and laugh with each other. I know you are like me and you have certain blogs you have a very fond affection for and you wouldn't think of a day going by without visiting it. I
guess it's almost like brushing your teeth! Then there are blogs you also really like but you visit only a couple times a week. I love it that I know if I go to "so and so"s blog I can hear about her adventures with her kids, if I go to "so and so"s blog I can get great recipes, if I want a big belly laugh I know where to go, and if need some great encouragement you will find me there every time. I love some blogs for their wonderful decorating ideas, some for their crafts, but I guess the real reason why they are my favorite blogs are I feel a real kinship with the owner. What a blessing that is!!

Okay to the point of the project, my geography is terrible, terrible, terrible! I can tell you what diet a person is on, what a person's childrens names are, how many pets, what color her livingroom is, etc. etc...... but I can NEVER remember where they live:( I want to be able to look up from my computer and see where "so and so" lives ,especially in the times such as hurricanes, etc... so I can spend extra time in prayer. I would like to be able to pray over my blogging board and ask the Lord to bless each and every one of you.
corkboard (I used one that would accomodate an 8 1/2 x 11 map)
material (large enough to cover board and glue or tape in back)
ribbon to coordinate with material
push pins and straight pins
map get by going to the I chose the map with bright colors, they have so many different ones, even different countries because I know a lot of us have friends around the world.
Title that you print out for blogging board. I chose Blogging Buddies.

1. Take ironed material and cover corkboard. Tape or glue (glue gun) material to back of board.** Allow enough room at bottom of board to place cards from blogging friends.

2. Print out map and print out title of your board. Tape or glue title at top.

3. Take straight pins and place on states where your blogging friends are.If I could I think I could put a pin in almost every state but I only used the ones I go to every day. I will print the names of my blog buddies on their state. I tried using flags but I didn't like that as well.

4. Make 2 bows for top right and top left of board.

5. Attach cards from blogging friends you have recieved.

TA DA...... you now have your very own blogging buddy board!!

You can make this as simple or elaborate as you'd like. The best part is you probably have most of these materials at home so you don't have to spend any money:) If you make a blogging buddy board I would love to see it. Just put your link in the comment section if you'd like. Thanks!
BTW, I randomly put the pins in to show you the concept, I am not practicing favoritism, I promise!


clarice said...

Great idea, I am going to have to do this. I like the idea of a visual. By the way, you see that finder of water in WA I live in the middle of it. Clarice

Elizabeth said...

Cute idea! We learned a lot more of where some states are when we moved (and drove) across country from Washington state to N. Carolina...and if you put your finger dead center about of N. Carolina, that is where we live, in the midst of one of the golf capitols in the USA...and we don't golf!! HA!

Deb said...

Susan, I would definitely say you LOVE BLOGGING!! LOL Nifty idea to keep track of folks.

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

What a neat idea Susan!

Amy said...

Very cute idea Susan!