August 30, 2006

An Explanation and an Invitation

I had hoped to take pictures of our new porch for this Welcome Wednesday post but the weather just didn't want to cooperate! I decide to post pictures of my guest powder room which some of you have probably already seen when I did a post on "new uses for old things!" Sorry about that! For those of you who haven't read that post you can go back into the archives and look for the June 22 post where I tell a little bit about each thing. Hopefully, next week I will have the porch pictures up and then I have one more room and I'm done!! What in the world am I going to do on Wednesday's?? Any ideas, recommendations, etc.. I could use some ideas!!

I also wanted to invite you to a wonderful new blog. Most of you will remember a few posts back about my friend Mary who had the wonderful idea of using hankies as placemats. She has decided to start her own blog and I am so excited for her! I know she will have many great ideas to share with us. Please go by and tell her hello. She would love to hear from you!


Copper's Wife said...

Looking forward to those porch pictures, and clicking now to go visit Mary's new blog!

Susan P. said...

Copper's wife, Ernesto is on it's way so I hope I have a porch left to take pictures of.