July 24, 2006

The Quilt Of Many Colors
Most of you are probably familiar with the song by Dolly Parton, The Coat of Many Colors. I am "borrowing" some of that phrase to describe this quilt that my great grandmother made. Upon first glance you probably think that some of the colors and patterns really don't go together. Granted, it would not qualify as the most "beautiful" quilt to most people, but to me it IS the most beautiful quilt ever made. Every summer I would visit my great grandmother in West Virginia. I have the most wonderful memories of our visits. When I look upon this quilt I see material from some of the old dresses that she used to wear. The small rose pattern I have an especially fond memory of because she made me my very first apron (when I was 4) out of that material. I remember wearing it proudly as I stood upon my stool side by side with her helping to bake cookies. That same apron was later worn by my daughter and now my little niece has it. I especially love the bright red piece of material. It really "sticks" out and doesn't match. I'm sure the reason it is there is because that is the only material she had to work with and she needed to find a way to keep her family warm. My grandmother made the best of what she had and the quilt lovingly served it's purpose. My great grandmother and grandfather had very little monetarily but they more than made up for that in the love that they gave and received. The quilt is now tattered and worn but it is also so soft and cozy from wear. Whenever I am having a bad day all I have to do is cuddle up with that quilt and I feel like I am getting a great big hug from my grandmother!


Amy said...

Those are my favourite quilts - the ones with scraps from here and there. I'm just getting very interested in quilting and am hoping to wet met feet with a small projects. I know some basics from my mother - we've made a quilted baby blanket and a large "log cabin" quilt together out of scraps.

G.L.H. said...

My grandmother did many "scrap" quilts, with any and all fabrics. Even when I try to copy that, it just isn't the same--I have too many New fabrics. There is just something about the thriftiness of that era that can't be duplicated in our day of everyday luxury.
Thank you for sharing--I always enjoy seeing other's quilts!

Mrs. Linebarger said...

A beautiful story and a beautiful quilt!

Susan P. said...

amy, I would love to see the log cabin quilt! It is nice you have your Mom to teach you the basics:O)

g.l.h., I so agree with you!

Mrs. Linebarger, thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it!!!